2024 May Membership Meeting

Join your fellow members to connect and learn with our guest speaker as we share all about website SEO, digital marketing, and how to best market yourself and get those paid gigs!   No experience necessary to come talk, share, and learn with other community professionals!

Back at The Old Spaghetti Factory at Aloha Tower in Downtown Honolulu.

05-23-2024 at 5:30 pm

Join us for our monthly in-person meeting where we share lessons learned and tips and tricks for growing our business success!

We're welcoming Nikki Kimura with Web on Point SEO from right here in Hawaii to share some of the strategies that help market businesses. More importantly, besides her insight on what questions need answering to build functional, business-driven websites, we'll al be sharing what we're doing to market online, use of social media and more!

Bring your successes and challenges so you can meet with a fellow community of speakers and entrepreneurs who are working to build businesses they love that grow and thrive here in Hawaii and beyond!

Guests are welcome, though they must register!

At The Old Spaghetti Factory at 3 Aloha Tower Dr 1106 ste 1106, Honolulu, HI 96813

Have an idea or recommendation?  Then please share with info@nsahawaii.org!

2024 May Membership Meeting
05-23-2024 at 5:30 pm
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2024 May Membership Meeting
05-23-2024 at 5:30 pm
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The conversation centered around optimizing websites and Google Business Profiles for local businesses to increase online visibility. Speakers emphasized the importance of identifying the target audience, creating personalized approaches, and leveraging connections on LinkedIn. They also discussed the value of including location keywords and a physical address on the website and Google Business Profile, as well as the benefits of using a co-working space or private mailbox for the business address. Additionally, speakers highlighted the importance of actively targeting relevant keywords and running ads to reach potential customers.



Digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

·     Speaker 1 provides an explanation of SEO and itsimportance in digital marketing.

·     Speaker 1 explains why digital marketing iscrucial for small businesses, citing failure rates.

·     Lack of customers due to poor marketingstrategy, little online presence, and targeting the wrong audience.

Optimizing Google business profiles for local searchvisibility.

·     Speaker highlights importance of optimizingGoogle Business Profile for local businesses.

·     Speaker 1 suggests using a private mailboxservice to create a virtual office address (12 words)

·     Alternative options for creating a virtualoffice address include using a friend's address or renting a co-working space(13 words)

Speakers discuss Google Business Profiles, algorithms,and SEO for local businesses.

·     SEO for speakers in Hawaii, emphasizing localkeywords and Google business profiles.

·     Keyword-rich website for Keynote Speaker Dana,with SEO and ads recommended.

·     Speakers in Hawaii wanted for conference, withspecific categories and locations.

Creating and optimizing Google Business Profiles forspeakers.

·     Speakers Association aims to connect localspeakers in Honolulu and Ottawa through Google business profiles.

·     Life coaches can create a Google BusinessProfile, but approval is tough and requires proof of legitimacy.

·     Speakers discuss Google business profiles,Facebook, and Instagram for small businesses.

Using Google and Facebook ads for businesses.

·     Google Ads are better for businesses peopleactively look for, while Facebook Ads are better for unknown businesses.

·     Speakers discuss importance of email lists formarketing, with one suggesting using them for NSA-related content.

·     Speaker 1 recommends having at least 1500 wordson the homepage for SEO purposes.

Website optimization strategies for speakers,including content creation, citations, and backlinks.

·     Speaker recommends exceeding competitors'content quantity for better SEO.

·     Speaker emphasizes importance of backlinks fromtrustworthy sources.

·     Speakers discuss linking their websites foreasier access to information.