Leaders of the NSA Hawaii Chapter

Welcome to the National Speakers Association Hawaii Chapter, where we bring together speakers from all backgrounds to share their expertise and inspire others. Our mission is to foster growth, collaboration, and excellence in the speaking profession.

Hawaii Speakers Hall of Fame

The Hawaii Speakers Hall of Fame, LLC has partnered with the Speakers Association of Hawaii to provide an opportunity for Hawaii based speakers to showcase their talents and put themselves front and center to those who hire speakers for events.

Chapter Leadership

Meet the board members and key figures in the Hawaii Chapter.

Jamie Champagne

Imagine walking out of a room so motivated and energized that you feel you could change the world!

Paulette Williams

Award-winning speaker, Author, DSWA Certified Coach, Retired Nursing Professor, Founder of Coach with Dr. Paulette, Total Quality Management Facilitator and Distinguished Toastmaster

Jeffrey Owens
Vice President

Have you ever been so inspired by a speaker you wanted to jump up and take action immediately?

Awards and Recognitions

Discover the achievements and honors received by our chapter and members.


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Membership Benefits

Discover the exclusive benefits and resources available to members of the Hawaii chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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