2024 March Membership Meeting

Jeff and Jamie are fresh back

from Thrive, NSA's winter conference

on building a better business with

tips and insights to share!

03-21-2024 at 5:30 pm

Join us for our monthly in-person meeting where we share lessons learned andtips and tricks for growing our business success!

Your appointed President, JamieChampagne, and Vice-President, Jeffrey Owens, went to NSA's winter conference Thrive in New Mexico and are bringing back their insights, worksheets, action items, and more!

At this sold out event, there were presentations and workshops on how to grow your business, learn the latest innovations including how to incorporate AI technology, and how to approach the sales process from industry experts and long-time successful speakers and entrepreneurs.

Come share and discuss how you can be a better speaker AND building a better business!

Guests are welcome, though they must register!

Have an idea or recommendation? Then please share with info@nsahawaii.org!

2024 March Membership Meeting
03-21-2024 at 5:30 pm
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2024 March Membership Meeting
03-21-2024 at 5:30 pm
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We had great discussion around the topics presented at Influence Thrive 2024 (their winter workshop). Things to think about:

  • WHY you use AI
    • Example presented how to use AI to generate a small book within a weekend/week
  • Business topics
    • Like types of insurance to have (errors and omissions - E&O)
    • Using a Master Service Agreement (MSA) to help with getting further work at the same organization
    • Preventing the use of your recorded speech for longer than contract
  • Jamie even shared her hihello card and how she uses it

Any questions or comments, please reach out to your leadership team info@speakersassociationofhawaii.org as we so look forward to having your presence!

Have an idea or recommendation?  Then please share with info@speakersassociationofhawaii.org!