2024 July Membership Meeting

Join your fellow members to connect and learn with our featured speaker

Tadia Rice as she shares about how to boost your business and career talking

about What Is Mental Mastery and Why You Need It

07-25-2024 at 5:30 pm

MENTAL MASTERY helps with managing anxiety, attitude, beliefs,confidence, concentration, emotional control, focus, motivation, mental toughness, optimism, resilience, and more. Mental Mastery empowers you with insight into the unconscious patterns that silently drives your behaviors and outcomes in life. Mental Mastery includes tools, techniques and laws to help control your thinking, which in turn controls your future. Challenge yourself to reach your full potential with Braine training!

MENTAL MASTERY helps you unlock your:

• Laser-like focus

• Disciplined thinking

• Authentic confidence

• Effortless achievement


• Achieve higher levels of focus

• Create healthier thinking patterns

• Use perceptive thinking

• Gain self-assurance regardless in any scenario

• Demonstrate emotional control

• Have a disciplined state of “Flow”

• Attain true mindfulness

• Foster real connections

• Kindle creativity

• Experience beauty in the present moment

More about Tadia:

Tadia Rice is Vice-Chair of the Ethics Commission for the City and County of Honolulu. As a Commissioner she strives to advance the standards of ethical conduct to promote, improve and maintain public confidence in government.  Her career includes multi-disciplinary business executive with more than 20 years of international experience in organizational dynamics, thought leadership, enterprise transformation, governance and ethics, cultural competence, indigenous resolution models, geo-political affairs, information security, social justice, gender issues, and expressive arts.  In addition, Rice is an expert contributor to magazines and industry publications, and a contributing author to several books on social justice, spirituality, and global gender issues. She has authored Performance for Incarcerated Women; Transforming Horror Into Hope: The Women of Rwanda; Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Now; What’s Your Mindset: Gaunxi; Lead With Aloha; and more. Rice is also an on-air broadcaster, media personality, keynote speaker and performer who has appeared on television, radio, and in theatre productions. With a global network of strategic alliances Rice enjoys international influence while maintaining a passion for people and our world.

In 2023 Rice became an Award-winning film producer for her first documentary at the 2023 prestigious Cannes International Film Festival Shorts Award. She also garnered semi-finalist status at the Toronto International Women Film Festival. “BEYOND BARS: Prison Women Speak” is an observational film documentary executive produced by the Tahirih Association. The film shines light on a rarely seen, heard, and often misunderstood vulnerable population of incarcerated women in American. The film has been hailed as a beacon of light to currently incarcerated women and younger female adults who may be at-risk. The film provides a new perspective for viewers, and is a testament to Rice’s dedicated work to uplift women.  

Rice founded the Tahirih Association in 2000. Since then it has fostered the advancement of women and girl change-makers around the world, providing education scholarships to 22 girls and women in six countries: Lakota/Oglala Nation (1); Liberia (10); Honduras (1); Namibia (1); South Africa (1); United States (8). The Association also supports a prison reentry program for formerly incarcerated women, and a safe house with a food sustainability program for women and their families in two impoverished communities in South Africa.

In 2023 Rice was recognized by the Hawai`i State legislature for her work uplifting women; in 2022 she received the Stars of Oceania Leadership Award from the University of Hawai`i; in 2017 she recieved the Medal of Honor from the prestigious Ellis Island Honors Society in New York City; and in 2016 she was inducted as a Dame Knight by the Orthodox Order of Saint John, a preeminent international relief organization. For her services to promote equality, women, communities of color, and marginalized peoples, Rice has been honored by the United States Congress; California State Senate; the City of Atlanta; the City and County of Honolulu; and the United Nations Association.

Rice currently serves on the Boards of the Tahirih Association, Oglala Sioux Tribal Film Commission, and the Princess of Africa Foundation. She is also a Citizen Diplomat of American Councils for International Education, and a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, National Speakers Association, NAACP-Honolulu Chapter, Hawai`i Womenʻs Prison Project, Honolulu Museum of Art African-American Film Festival, and the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club.

Connect on LInkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dametadiarice/

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2024 July Membership Meeting
07-25-2024 at 5:30 pm
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2024 July Membership Meeting
07-25-2024 at 5:30 pm
Register Now